Gosport Fairtrade Action meetings

AGM 2023

A full AGM took place on 26 July 2023 in Gosport Borough Council Committee Room 2.

We reviewed activities from 2019 – 2023.

The Treasurer reported on the finances over this period and summarised the current situation. In addition thanks was extended to the Southern Coop for the Fairtrade products they had donated to support events and to GFA members who chose not to claim their expenses for the baked goods they provided.

We discussed the renewal of Fairtrade Borough Status

The Co-ordinator reported that there is a new system which makes it easier and quicker to apply for renewal and, for established groups like GFA, would be valid for three years. GFA’s is due by 8th August 2023.  

Fairtrade Fortnight – Fairtrade Foundation has decided to move from Feb./March to September from 2024. – The group was dismayed by this decision and asked the Coordinator to write to the Fairtrade Foundation to express our strong objections. Also to mention that we regretted the lack of any printed basic leaflets about Fairtrade to use at events.

Future plans

Broadly we planned to continue doing those activities which had worked in the past; consolidate, deepen and, where opportunities arose, extend our relationships with community groups, schools and businesses; work with the Council and our MP; seek to raise the visibility of the Fairtrade during the 30 anniversary of the Mark in 2024.

Specifics – if you would like to know more details about our plans, please contact us

Date of Next Meetings

    AGM 2024 –   early -mid July – details to be announced.

    Planning Meeting – to be decided as required.

    Planning Meeting 2022

    We met in person, on:

    Wednesday, 29th November 2022 at 10.30 a.m. in the Discovery Centre Bookworm Cafe.

    We discussed activities for Fairtrade Fortnight ((27 February – 12 March). We identified further opportunities for action during 2023 including the Great Big Green Week which will take place in 10th – 18th June 2023 (not in September as previously).

    We are also noted that we are due to renew Gosport Borough’s Fairtrade Status during 2023

    Communicating during the Corona Virus Pandemic

    The Steering Group normally holds a Business Meeting approximately 4 times a year at Gosport Town Hall, or elsewhere in the town, but during the lock down we mainly met on Zoom. The co-ordinator provided regular updates, from the Fairtrade Foundation and other sources, about what is happening around the world, on the “Recent Events Page” We also got together in Zoom meetings with other SE Hants Fairtrade Town groups to share ideas and resources

    Planning Activities for Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

    We met on January 31 – a Zoom meeting to discuss plans for an event at the Privett Park Cricket Club on March 4th 10 -12.

    In August 2021 we met to discuss what action to take for The Great Big Green Week – 18 -26 Sept. 2021

    We decided to:

    • to put on a display at the Discovery Centre to explain about COP26 and :

    “How choosing Fairtrade can combat climate change.”

    that will run from 21 September to

    • encourage schools and Churches to organise events to mark the GBGW
    • contact the press
    • ask the Mayor/Council to mark GBGW and suggested activities. (No news on that yet.)

    We also considered having a stall at the Alverstoke Michaelmas Fair but too many members would be away so we would not have enough people to look after it.

    The purpose of GFA business meetings is to:

    • plan our programme of activities
    • monitor the progress of Fairtrade in Gosport Borough*
    • keep up to date with news from the Fairtrade Foundation about new products and campaigns
    • keep up to date with news from other Fairtrade groups in Hampshire

    Additional and occasional Working Group Meetings, to plan particular events or actions, take place variously at members’ houses, the Town Hall, in the Discovery Centre or other convenient locations.

    *Keeping the Directory up to date

    Shops and cafes change hands and stock all the time so we seek to keep the Directory up to date:

    Please let us know if you are aware of any changes: new Fairtrade products or Fairtrade products discontinued; outlets closing or new ones opening.  Our regular meetings include an item where changes are reported so we can update the Directory. You can contact us here