What can I do?

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GFA members with cub Scouts and families at Grange Farm planting trees in Fairtrade Fortnight in 2020

First – check out current action suggestions on the Events and Activities page here

Then you could get involved in any of these areas:

Buy Fairtrade Products!

With thousands of products now available from single origin coffees to delicious chocolate and fashionable cotton T shirts, from food to flowers and cosmetics to gold jewellery, you can change your everyday products to Fairtrade today.

Visit the Fairtrade Foundation website to find out the full range of products and where you can buy them.

Ask for Fairtrade

in cafes and restaurants. And if your local food store does not have the Fairtrade product you are looking for, speak to the manager and ask them to stock it.

Persuade your workplace, place of worship, school or club to switch to Fairtrade:

Businesses : If you run a business, shop or café, use Fairtrade products where you can.

Find out what’s available – download the latest National Fairtrade Buying Guide from the Fairtrade Foundation here

Lots of ideas and help for promoting Fairtrade through your business and your business through Fairtrade! here

Say thank you with a bunch of Fairtrade flowers, bring a bottle of Fairtrade wine to a dinner party or make them a cup of refreshing Fairtrade tea.

Find out more about Fairtrade and spread the word.

Visit www.fairtrade.org.uk for news, ideas, events and information.

Get involved with Fairtrade Fortnight in your local area. Find out what’s been going on in Gosport.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2021 Banner

In recent years we have been focussing on the challenges of climate crisis facing farmers in the low income countries of the Global South; how Fairtrade enables them to earn a living income and provides training to equip farmers to tackle the problems caused by climate change. In 2023, we looked at how climate change threatens the continued production of some of our favourite foods. By choosing Fairtrade products and adopting more sustainable lifestyles ourselves we can support farmers efforts.

There’s lots of information about Fairtrade Fortnight activities in Gosport in the Events and Activity page for 2023 and in the archived pages for earlier years ( see the drop down menu from “Gosport” in the header). If there is anything you’d like to be involved with or you have some new ideas we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us.


Encourage schools to teach and learn about the climate crisis and how it affects farmers in different parts of the world. Young people can explore how better incomes can help farmers to cope with these challenges. Farmers in the global south have contributed the least to the climate crisis but are already feeling the impacts the hardest.

‘Climate, Fairtrade and You’ Education Packs have been produced for teachers and educators to discuss how the climate crisis affects farmers and workers overseas. Through assemblies (designed with social distancing in mind!), lesson plans and activities, young people have the opportunity to discover how their choices can impact people around the world, but also the planet that we live on. 

 Visit the Fairtrade Schools site to download your Education Pack for Early Years, Primary schools or Secondary schools.


for eg. for:

  • Fairtrade and Climate Justice – Fairtrade is supporting the  Climate Coalitions Declaration – you can sign it here.
  • Women farmers’  rights to a living income – more here
  • Current campaigns – see latest on Fairtrade Foundation website here

Join your local Fairtrade group.

Fairtrade Towns have groups of volunteers who work with their local Council, businesses and local organisations, to promote Fairtrade products and an understanding of the work the Fairtrade Foundation does to support projects to bring Fairtrade to more farmers and workers: it provides training to support farmers in improving their farms, builds demand for their produce and strengthens their voices to negotiate a fairer deal – so they can truly trade their way out of poverty.      

Gosport Fairtrade Action welcomes new members. (more about the group here )

We meet regularly ( though not frequently) and keep in touch by email.

These are some of the things we do:

  • We  keep an eye on who’s selling Fairtrade products and make sure our lists are up to date on our website and on printed guides we produce.
  • We talk about Fairtrade to lots of groups each year.
  • We set up stalls and displays at various events
  • We organise events, especially during Fairtrade Fortnight which is late Feb- March each year. See our “Recent events” pages for what we have done in recent years.
  • We support local schools and churches which are working towards Fairtrade status
  • We join in campaigns organised nationally by the Fairtrade Foundation
  • We maintain this website and send round mailings.

If you could help with any of these activities – just get in touch.

Donate here

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